University of Alabama Gameday


In 2006, Bruno Event Team was hired by the University of Alabama to assist the University and other Tuscaloosa authorities in developing a Gameday operational plan. Some of the Gameday enhancements include additional public parking, clearly defined traffic routes to and from the stadium, improved public RV lot organization, and enhanced services and activities on the Quad. Additionally, Bruno Event Team spearheaded the creation of the gameday severe weather plan and provided gameday input to the Campus Master Planning committee. Bruno Event Team is also handling gameday operations for the Men's Basketball and Women's Gymnastics athletic events, as well as operations for UA commencements, freshman move-in and national championship celebrations. Bruno Event Team created and currently maintains the University’s official gameday website. Lastly, Bruno Event Team developed gameday's social media presence and utilizes Facebook and Twitter to provide fans with up-to-the-minute information on the best traffic routes, available parking and weather updates.

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